NaPoWriMo Day 8 – Inspired by Nature

Today we were left with the following prompt from the NaPoWriMo’s website:

“And now, the prompt (again — the prompt is optional!). Because it’s the 8th, I thought we might try writing in ottava rima — an Italian form that, in English, usually takes the form of an eight-line stanza of iambic pentameter, with a rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c. The most famous poem in English that uses the ottava rima form is probably Byron’s Don Juan. If you haven’t read it, it’s wickedly funny! It’s really amazing how contemporary Byron’s language is — it’s like he’s your mean-girl friend just gossiping at you in verse. But unlike Byron, you don’t have to write an entire epic in ottava rima! Just eight lines will do for now. Happy writing!”

Now, me being an amateur poet,  I had a bit of a minor heart attack when I saw that today’s prompt involved actually following a certain structure and incorporating ‘iambic pentameter’ into the poem. After a fierce Googling session and a Wikipedia crash course in iambic pentameter, I was still feeling less than confident about the situation. So I decided to try an alternative method – I followed the rhyme scheme (a-b-a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c), but opted to make each line 11 syllables as the Write a Writing website suggested.

My inspiration for today’s poem was the breathtaking view that I was privileged to witness on my way to class this morning. I simply could not resist stopping for a few moments to drink in nature’s beauty, and of course whipped out my phone to Instagram the moment!

I felt a poem such as this is in order because, let’s face it – summer is on its way out, and pretty soon I am going to be too bundled up in layers of clothing, rushing to every possible indoor venue to take the time to admire the view. Plus, there seemed to be something magical in the air today – almost as if nature was trying to show off one last time before the change of season. I cannot quite put my finger on it, yet I hope that this poem allows you to experience some of the feelings that I had this morning!

Uncommon Beauty Instagram

Uncommon Beauty

An uncommon beauty now surrounds this place;

With every breath my spirit seems to take flight;

The bright morning sun illuminates my face,

Melting away every struggle, every plight.


Nature wraps me in her subtle, warm embrace;

Feet firmly planted, of all else I lose sight,

And slowly this heartbeat relaxes its pace,

As radiance erases all traces of night.


Flashes of colour in every brilliant hue;

Nothing but wonder in this perfect milieu.


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