Product Review: Wholewheat Cookies + NaPoWriMo Day 8 – Noir

I discovered a fun new vegan snack whilst perusing the aisles at Pick ‘n Pay today during my lunch break: Organic Wholewheat Cookies. I did not expect to find them in a conventional grocery store, nor was I expecting them to be so reasonably priced. Just goes to show – never judge a book by it’s cover!

When I saw the ‘VEGAN’ symbol on the front of the packaging I nearly jumped for joy – so into the trolley they went.


When I arrived back at university I promptly located an empty lecture theater,  whipped out my laptop and logged onto the NaPoWriMo website to see our prompt for the day – all whilst sampling these lovely new cookies of course.


I only ate two (because well, let’s face it, store-bought cookies, no matter how many ‘vegan’ stamps you place on them, still contain sugar, oils and funny things to preserve their shelf life). I can report that I am pleased with their overall texture and taste – sweet yet not overly so, and very close in flavour to plain Digestive Biscuits (the Baker’s brand). What I would really like to do is incorporate them into a recipe that calls for a biscuit type crust (perhaps a fridge tart of some kind?). So if you have any suggestions or recipes for vegan cookie crust desserts please feel free to send them my way! 🙂

Now, our NaPoWriMo prompt for today:

“And now our (totally optional) prompt. I’m a sucker for a good mystery novel, especially the hard-boiled noir novels of the thirties and forties. There’s always a two-timing blonde, a city that keeps its secrets, and stuck in the middle, a man who just can’t help but rabbit after truth. Today I challenge you write a poem inspired by noir — it could be in the voice of a detective, or unravel a mystery, or just describe the long shadows of the skyscrapers in the ever-swirling smog. After all, “you know how to write a poem, don’t you, Steve? You just pick up a pen and you write.” “

And for some further explanation (as I was not entirely sure what noir really was), I consulted the ever so helpful Wikipedia:

“Noir fiction (or roman noir) is a literary genre closely related to hardboiled genre[1] with a distinction that the protagonist is not a detective, but instead either a victim, a suspect, or a perpetrator. Other common characteristics include the self-destructive qualities of the protagonist.[2] A typical protagonist of the Noir fiction is dealing with the legal, political or other system that is no less corrupt than the perpetrator by whom the protagonist is either victimized and/or has to victimize others on a daily basis, leading to Lose-lose situation.”

Having snacks on my brain, and with only an hour to write this poem before my next meeting started, I decided to create the following ‘detective/sleuth’ type scenario with the narrator being the perpetrator (as Wiki suggested):

The Case of The Missing Chocolate Bar

It was a cold winter’s evening back in 2012 –

The whole town seemed to be asleep, it’s slumber only broken by the quick shuffle of an occasional pedestrian trying to escape the chill.

As the house too settled in for the night, beams creaking and appliances humming,

I observed the distinct shadows emerging on my bedroom wall as the incandescent lamp cast its soft glow.

My eyes darted back and forth between the wall clock and the mountain of papers in front of me.

The incessant ticking served as an all too poignant reminder of my limited time.

Leaning back in my office chair I closed my eyes and let out a discouraged sigh…

Then suddenly it hit me.

The timing would have to be immaculate,

The execution flawless.

There would be no room for error –

And of course I could leave no trace of my presence.

The risk was immense, yet the lure of the reward even more so.

There was no negotiating as I pulled up my socks, stepped into my slippers and tightened the belt on my nightgown.

I was all dressed for action, and with one cautious turn of the key I was out.

Darkness enveloped me, with only the distant glow of the kitchen light providing guidance.

Slowly I crept towards it, heart beating faster with every cautious step on the creaking wooden floor.

I entered the kitchen.

The harsh fluorescent light served to remind me of my vulnerability.

It was time to launch my swift attack and then seek cover.

With all the skill I could muster I opened the cupboard door silently.

Rows and rows of delicacies filled my line of sight.

Yet this mission had a focus – no time for petty distractions.

Casting a cautious glance over my shoulder, I reached for the coveted prize.

My mission  successful,   the slow retreat back to my room commenced.

Once safely inside, I breathed a sigh of relief and sank back into my soft office chair in one swift motion.

The last chocolate bar was safely in my possession.

The heist of the winter, and I had pulled it off.


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