NaPoWriMo Day 10 – (Not) Feeling The Love

The prompt for day 10 of this very poetic month of April:

“An un-love poem isn’t a poem of hate, exactly — that might be a bit too shrill or boring. It’s more like a poem of sarcastic dislike. This is a good time to get in a good dig at people who chew with their mouth open, or always take the last oreo. If there’s no person you feel comfortable un-loving, maybe there’s a phenomenon? Like squirrels that eat your tomatoes. (I have many, many bitter feelings about tomato-eating squirrels). There’s lots of ways to go with this one, and lots of room for humor and surprise as well. Happy writing!”

To my (un) love

You light up my world

At just a hint of your need to depart soon;

And my heart near skips a beat 

When you don’t call all afternoon.

My darling, I need you like the Sahara needs more sand;

I want you by my side like Chuck Norris needs a hand.

My desire to be with you – as strong as a newborn baby’s grip;

What I think I’m trying to say, my dear,

Is let’s give ‘us’ a skip.

For you I’d climb the highest mountain,

cross a shark invested sea;

I’d even circle the globe my dear,

If only you would see.

That despite your good intentions,

And what you might perceive

The truth is that quite frankly,

We were never meant to be.


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