NaPoWriMo Day 16 – Do You speak Foreign??

I can hardly believe it is Day 16 of National Poetry Month already! Time has flown. I must say that this has been a fun and enlightening journey thus far, with today being no exception. Our prompt today calls upon us to take a poem from the Poetry International website in any language that we are not familiar with and translate that poem into English (not a direct, proper translation, but one based on our own imagination and phonetics).

I have chosen a Portuguese poem, and as I have no clue what 99% of Portuguese words mean, this was quite a fun process!

The original:


enormes como cedros
que é preciso
trazer de longe
aos ombros
para achar
no inverno da memória
este rumor
de lume:
o teu perfume,
da melancolia.

Carlos de Oliveira

My creation:


Enormous comets descend;
On queue – precision,
Trailing along
Our atmosphere.
Partly ash,
No fire to remember,
It’s just rumour –
That light.
Oh the fragrance,
The melancholy…

That’s me done. Hope I have not murdered the Portuguese language too much! 😉


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