NaPoWriMo Day 17 – Saying Hello

Our prompt for Day 17:

“And now our (totally optional) prompt! Early on in the month, I asked you to write a valediction — a poem of farewell. Today, let’s try the opposite, and write poems of greeting. There’s lots of things you could greet. The spring? Your new stapler? A favorite classmate? An addition to the menu at your local cafe? The subject’s up to you — now get out there and say “hello!” “

I have been a bit pressed for time this week, so although I am a day behind with my NaPoWriMo efforts, I am still dedicated to finishing the task at hand and am going to attempt to catch up well this weekend! In the meantime, in anticipation of the weekend, here is my effort for yesterday’s prompt:

A Welcome Greeting

It’s late in the evening
And the time is so near
To greet you with wide open arms;
Cherish you, hold you so dear.

Long days and nights,
Tasks that seem never-ending,
That keep me from you,
Whilst energy I’m spending.

We parted ways so suddenly,
Just this last week,
Yet now your return is upon us
And your refuge I seek.

So eagerly I close my eyes
And rest my head in peace,
Knowing that tomorrow I greet you:
Hello Weekend! This burden I release.


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