NaPoWriMo Day 18 + 19: The “Perfect Excuse” and Some fun with Personal Ads

Good evening all!

Now I know that I have not exactly been diligent in meeting my deadlines for NaPoWriMo day by day (who would ever have thought university deadlines could keep one so busy?) , but I figure that the important part is actually participating and getting the work done, so here are my offerings for Day 18 and 19.

And just in case you are wondering where in the world the food element of this blog has gone, do not fret! I will be sharing some delicious recipes again soon! 😉

Day 18:

“And now our (as always, optional) prompt! Today’s prompt comes to us from Cathy Evans, who challenges us to write a poem that begins and ends with the same word. You could try for something in media res, that begins and ends with “and,” for example. Or maybe “if.” Or perhaps you could really challenge yourself and begin/end your poem with a six-dollar word like “antidisestablishmentarianism.” (Just kidding!) Whatever word you choose, I hope you have fun with it!”

I decided to use the word ‘because’ and write a poem about making excuses, and the difficulty of coming up with sensible excuses when all we really want to say to people is “I do no feel like it, leave me alone!”. Sometimes, the best excuse we can give is to really not give one at all…

The Perfect Excuse

Because I do not wish to stay up late…
“But you can sleep in tomorrow!”
I don’t have the correct outfit for the occasion…
“Oh, I have something you can borrow!”

I have work to do and deadlines to meet…
“Surely no one can work 24 hours a day!”
My budget’s a bit tight…
“Do not fret – we will gladly pay!”

I don’t feel comfortable with the crowd…
“They are lovely people – you’ve met them before!”
It is cold and rainy, I would rather stay home…
“Don’t be silly – we are meeting indoors!”

I’m not sure what to say, to make this more clear…
“See you’ve run out of excuses, you are coming my dear!”
I have to decline, perhaps some other time?
“But what on earth for?”
I cannot really say…just…because!


Day 19:

“And now our (completely optional) prompt! Today’s prompt comes to us from a list that Daisy Fried put together: Write a poem in the form of a personal ad!

Or, if you like, try any kind of want ad. Personal ads, though, do have a kind of poetry to them. The personal ads of the London Review of Books are particularly famous, and have even spawned a book. When I was younger, one of my favorite guilty pleasures was getting a copy of the local alternative newspaper and reading through the personal ads for (a) witty ones and (b) really horrible ones.”

I had some fun with this one and decided to pick on the way young women always seem to have this notion that some perfect man will sweep in and make their life complete, catering to their every need without them having to put in much effort at all. I call two of the ways in which they do so “The Disney Syndrome” and “The Best Friend Syndrome”

The Disney Syndrome:

Fussy, idealistic, and flawed female seeks flawless Prince Charming – must be perfect in every way. No chancers. Rejection rate high. Commitment – eternal. Box 777.

The ‘Best Friend’ Syndrome:

Single, young, fun-loving female seeks male companion. Must be sensitive, an excellent listener, and attentive to every possible emotional need. A love for chick-flick marathons, long walks through the mall, endless telephone and instant messaging conversations, and window shopping non-negotiable. Encouraging unhealthy eating habits, including junk food binge evenings, and never criticising the consumption of yet another piece of chocolate or skipped gym session essential. Box 5341.

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