NaPoWriMo Day 20 + 21: Encouragement and Fortune Cookie Inserts

I hope you are all having a great Sunday! We are down to the last 10 days of National Poetry Writing Month, and the prompts are still just as much fun as when I started a this journey a few weeks ago.

The two poems in this post are designed to encourage you for the week ahead and to just instill some hope in general. Hope you enjoy them!


Day 20:

Our prompt for today required us to use at least 5 of a list of 20 words in our poem. I will not proceed to list all the words we could choose from, but rather just allow you to enjoy the poem for what it turned out to be 😉

Mercurial at best, temperamental at worst,
We drift aimlessly, stubbornly; mere ghosts
With eyes firmly shut to the wonder that you are.
Elusive in nature, your mystery confounds
Even the most highly regarded of minds…
No manner to capture your power and wonder;
Non-pareil, without fault, supremacy personified…
And yet we never cease to squander
The talents, the time, the gifts you bestow.
Pulled out of the gutter, and dressed in fine robes,
A feat nothing short of miraculous…
A sacrifice so pure, a covenant irrevocable
Has brought this ego to nought,
And skilfully transformed, breathing new life
Into that which was once… Dust.

Day 21:

“And now the (optional) prompt! Today I challenge you to re-write Frank O’Hara’s Lines for the Fortune Cookies. When I was a kid, I found a fortune cookie recipe, and made the cookies, which were pretty good. But mostly I was attracted to the idea of writing the fortunes. Unfortunately (rimshot, here), I wrote such long ones that they were very difficult to fold up small enough to fit into the cookies! Hopefully, you won’t have that problem — after all, the ideal fortune is a one-liner, and one-liners thrive on a very poetic compactness of expression. This should be a good chance for all of us to practice that, and amusing to boot. Happy writing!”

I wanted my fortune cookie inserts to be a reflection of a few of the key things that I wish had been said to me, or that I wish to say to others. They are meant to encourage, warn, and inspire – now wouldn’t you want something like that to appear in your fortune cookie?

Take a leap of faith, success awaits on the other side.

The importance of character: People may leave you, but you can never leave yourself.

Pride will be your downfall, humility your lifeboat.

True friendship rests on sacrifice, not your personal benefit.

Excuses will only delay the inevitable – start today!

You will never be as capable, equipped or able to succeed as you are right in this moment.

You will embark on a journey soon – focus on learning from the process, not merely reaching the destination.

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